Pepsi-Cola – Christmas SLO

Frito-Lay – In-Pack Promotion

Kids just couldn't wait to buy the BK Kids Meal and get their hands on their favorite WWE Bobblehead toy. TARGET knew that the popularity of WWE demanded more than a spectacular premium so we negotiated to have "Live Events" at the Restaurants during the promotion. We set out to increase sales for BK and it worked beyond expectations. Rey Mysterio's appearance alone drove more than 3,000 people to the three hour local store event.

Burger King – Kids Meal Tie-in

An In-Pack promotion for Sonrics candy, our figurine collection featured Disney's Princesses, Princes and Villians in a grand collector's edition with 15 figurines in all. Crafted to perfection, the 3" figurines captured the magic of the classic Disney fairytale and captivated the consumer.  Frito- Lay achieved overwhelming results with sales increasing over 20% and the product selling out completely within three weeks of launch.

Burger King – Kids Meal

With less than 120 days for development, negotiation, prototype samples, licensor approvals, tooling and production, TARGET met the challenge and delivered. Christmas ornaments in apple, grape and orange shapes as well as the Pepsi Globe, captured the essence of the core Pepsi Brands: Manzanita Sol, Power Punch, Mirinda and Pepsi. Each ornament included a Looney Tunes figurine, 12 in all. The self liquidating program collection increased repeat sales and overall sales went up by over 30%.
Kids were instantly drawn to this kids meal toy particularly because of its size, detail, color and play-value. In creating the generic premium, we focused on playful artwork and design to achieve a collectable toy with a high-perceived value, all necessary factors for a winning promotion. The collection of six different animal paintable plush toys, each with a set of 4 crayons, generated unprecedented traffic to stores. In Argentina alone, kids meal sales increased over 90% during this program.